RBC Poll Reveals Cautious Approach to Canadian Housing Market Amid Uncertainty and Optimism


Image by: unsplash

According to a recent poll by RBC, many Canadians are considering their options carefully amid fluctuating conditions in the housing market. While some respondents are optimistic about buying a home, others are uncertain about the state of the market. The poll found that 40% of respondents expect to pay less for a home now than they would have a year ago. Additionally, 25% of respondents are unsure about the current state of the housing market, and 18% are uncertain whether now is a good time to buy a new home.

Despite the uncertainty, the poll also found a wave of optimism among pre-first time homebuyers. An overwhelming majority believes that buying a house or condo is a good investment, and 78% think they will be in a better position to buy a home in the coming years. Worries about a potential recession may be contributing to the cautious approach many Canadians are taking to the housing market. Additionally, financial concerns may be impacting support for family, with only 22% willing to give an immediate family member or child money for a new home, down from 26% in 2022.

The cautious approach to the housing market may continue as many Canadians are worried about their financial future. More than half of the respondents expressed concerns that their financial position may deteriorate in the next year. These concerns could be contributing to why only 22% would give an immediate family member or child money for a new home, down from 26% in 2022. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents prefer to help family or children save money by letting them live with them rather than helping them financially.

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